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How Much is the Cost of a Missouri Medical Marijuana Card?

The Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) enrolls patients and caregivers in the Missouri medical cannabis program. It also issues digital medical cannabis registry IDs to individuals registered in the program. Before enrolling in the program, patients must first obtain medical marijuana certifications from their medical providers. Missouri adjusts the cost of its medical cannabis cards annually according to the Consumer Price Index.

Cost of Physician Consultation

Only Doctors of Medicine (MDs), Doctors of Osteopathy (DOs), and nursing practitioners (NPs), licensed to practice in, and in good standing with, the State of Missouri can issue physician certifications for medical cannabis to patients. A patient applying for a Missouri medical marijuana card can obtain such a certification by visiting an eligible physician. The physician or nurse would conduct a physical examination and review the patient’s medical history to confirm a diagnosis of one of the qualifying conditions required for medical cannabis use in Missouri. If a patient would require more than the standard 6 ounces of marijuana allowed medical cannabis patients per month, this information must be stated on the physician certification. The cost of a healthcare provider consultation leading to obtaining a medical cannabis recommendation varies from $100 to $400. Patients in Missouri must be recertified for medical cannabis use every 3 years when they renew their MMJ card and registration in the state’s medical marijuana program.

Missouri Medical Marijuana Card Fee

In its fee schedule for the period between July 1, 2024 and June 30, 2025, the Missouri medical cannabis program charges $27.40 for a patient or caregiver medical marijuana card. The renewal cost for a patient or caregiver ID is also $27.40. The cultivation authorization ID card for patients or caregivers opting for home cultivation of cannabis for personal medical use costs $54.80. This card must also be renewed every 3 years for the same fee.

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